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MIG DHMb® Lining System

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Detailed Information About Our Technology
  • In the commercial and residential sector, in many countries, energy saving, noise reduction,
  • Fire protection, fine dust reduction, mold control, odor neutralization and a healthy indoor climate.
  • Toxin-free, non-flammable (fire protection A2), odorless and "recommended for residential medicine"
  • We are the only German company represented in the EU's www.Buildheat.eu program where we use our DHMb technology.
  • To significantly increase the energy efficiency of buildings across Europe to achieve 80% energy savings.
  • Our DHMb technology is unique in the world and can be used in many areas.
  • We can coat on metal, aluminium, stone, wood, textile, iron, concrete or plastic.
  • Our two executive directors, Wolfgang Bonder and Burkhard Brandt, are also on the Chinese government's standards committee for thin-film insulation.
  • I would be happy to personally introduce you to our technology.